We know there is no shortage of auto body shops in Newell County. At Brooks Collision, we work to distinguish our shop by being helpful and upfront when it comes to addressing customer concerns and handling repairs. That’s why we’re providing answers to some questions people often have after they’ve been in a car accident.

Can I take my car to the auto body repair shop of my choice?

Yes. The final choice of where you take your vehicle for repairs is yours. All insurance companies have “preferred providers.” These are the auto body shops approved by an insurance company to provide estimates and handle repairs. However, you may take your vehicle to any auto body shop you like.

Do I need more than one estimate for auto body repairs?

No. You only need one estimate. Your insurance company may send its own or an independent appraiser to view your damages if they want a second opinion. We may have to play hardball with the insurance company to cover the cost of repairs, but you’ll know your vehicle is being repaired completely and correctly.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for an estimate?

An appointment is not required for most estimates. However, large, complicated repairs may require a teardown, which means you’ll have to leave your vehicle at the shop for a short time. All of our estimates are provided free of charge.

Does Brooks Collision have loaner vehicles?

No, we don’t have loaner vehicles. However, if you require a rental vehicle, we will be happy to assist you in making the arrangements. Your insurance policy may include rental coverage.

What portion of auto body repairs am I responsible for?

If this is an insurance claim—unless it is waived by the insurance company—you are responsible for your deductible and any applicable betterments and Goods and Services Tax (GST). These must be paid when the vehicle is returned to you.

Do I need to notify the police after an accident?

Any damages of $2,000 or greater require a police report and accident sticker whether covered by insurance or not.

Does Brooks Collision provide towing or mechanical services?

No, we don’t provide towing or mechanical services. However, we do coordinate these services with reputable businesses in the Brooks area to complete the repairs to your vehicle.

What delays can occur with the repairs of my vehicle?

Delays may be caused by factors such as backordered parts, missing police stickers, or hidden damages not revealed during the initial damage inspection. If you have to play hardball with the insurance company to cover the cost of repairs, this may somewhat delay getting your car fixed.